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About Us

Our Mission Champions life skills

Our Vision

To create an accepting life for young adults with additional needs, incorporating life skills with fun engaging activities and having an element of physical movement to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

At Champions we have a mission to create an inclusive community where everybody belongs, is respected and celebrated through their diversity.

We have a comprehensive set of values and beliefs in which all members of our team practice in order to create an incredible life for all young adults with disabilities and opening opportunities for our Champions that may have not been possible before.

Our team are proud to create an inclusive environment where all our Champions and mentors are encouraged to be their best in a society free of barriers!

Our Values

icon Choice Independence

Choice & Independence

Ensuring our Champions always have a choice and feel independent and empowered to make their own decisions.

icon Inclusion


Our Champions and mentors always create an accepting environment. We provide a positive outlook no matter where we are and what we are doing.

icon Adaptability Acceptance

Adaptability & Acceptance

Our Champions are out in the community every day. This encourages Champions to be accepting of change and be able to adapt to changing circumstances.